FRP/ GRP Tanks

FRP water tanks is the abbreviation of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic water tanks, are leading industry and civil standard water storage equipment on the market. There are many advantages such as lightweight, strong structure, modular and sectional assembly by standard panels design. FRP tanks provide safe environment with no risk of bacteria corrosion.Due to the raw material to manufacturing water tank is self-resistant to bad weather and high temperature, meaning the water tank lifespan is long. All raw materials attribution decides the water tank is pliable, application wide for any specific access or needs.

Water Tank India offers Storage tanks, which are available in capacity ranging from 1m3 to 200m3. Beyond this, We Manufacture at Customer’s site, considering the high handling and transportation costs.

FRP Vessels and Tanks are used in multiple applications, requiring a strong, corrosion resistant environment. Considering the Working, atmospheric conditions, space constraint and other Technical aspects, the Tanks are manufactured as Cylindrical (Vertical / Horizontal) with Flat, Conical, Dish- End Top / Bottom or Rectangular.

A typical storage tank made of FRP has an inlet, an outlet, a vent, an access port, a drain, and an overflow nozzle. However, there are other features that can be included in the tank, accessories like, ladder, railing, float type level indicator, Lifting Hooks, Lugs for mounting Vertical Tank on I-Beam Support, etc. as per customer's specifications. Ladders on the outside allow for easy access to the roof for loading. Sloped bottoms allow for easier draining. Level gauges allow someone to accurately read the liquid level in the tank. The vessel must be resistant to the corrosive nature of the fluid it contains by selecting the appropriate grade of Resin or Liner.


COST-EFFECTIVE FRP is a kind of high-technological reinforced plastic. It has low cost and high performance, is a perfect substitute of metal tank.
CONVENIENT INSTALLATION Factory precast panel is easy to assemble and disassemble; the construction drawing and a series of complete installation plan will be provided.
POTABILITY FRP material has passed local Water Quality Inspection testing. Test result shows our FRP are suitable for potable water reserve. Roof panel adopt upward bulge to prevent rainwater remain on the top. Further prevent mosquito breeding and dirty water permeates inside the tank.


1. Potable Water Storage Tanks
2. Agricultural Irrigation Tanks
3. Septic Tanks and Sewage Tanks
4. Distillation and Process Tanks
5. Fire Reserve Storage Tanks, Swimming Pool Balance Tanks
6. Hot Water Storage Tanks and Chemical Substance Storage Tanks
7. Rain Water Harvesting Tanks, Well Water Tanks, Sea Water Tanks
8. Reverse-Osmosis Water Tanks(water with high or low conductivity)
9. Industrial Process Tanks, Chiller Water Tanks, Cooling Tower Water Tanks