Galvanised steel tanks

Galvanised tanks are an economical way of storing liquids and are primarily used for the storage of oil and gas, fire water, industrial liquids, potable water and wastewater applications.The galvanised steel JSW makes is not just high in strength, but also corrosion-resistant, eco-friendly, durable and lightweight. The zinc-iron alloy layers formed during the process of galvanizing create a protective coat around the steel, keeping moisture out nd preventing corrosion. Galvanizing also imparts excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance, giving our products unmatched protection against the elements. These features make their galvanised corrugated sheets, branded JSW VISHWAS, the most sought-after in the market.Standard cylindrical designed tanks consist of galvanised steel sheets 2.9 m long x 1.14m high with 1.5mm to 3mm sheet thickness varying dependent upon tank size. Tank diameters range from 3.0 m to 31.0m with height dependent upon diameter providing capacities from 9m3 to over 5000m3.

Manufactured from mill galvanised steel which is subsequently hot dip galvanised to 450 gsm standard. Sheets are assembled on site using a lap joint and galvanised silo bolts. The tank shell is fixed to the concrete foundation using a pre-rolled galvanised angle, clamps and parabolts with a similar stiffening angle fixed to the top of the tank shell. The tank is supplied with a roof cover, a galvanised access ladder and platform and inlet and outlet connections. Water Tank India has a special geomembrane liner inside to ensure the liquid stored inside does not contact with the steel parts. The standard geomembrane used in our tanks is certified for drinking water and can also be used to store other types of liquids. Fuel, industrial liquids and related chemicals can be stored using Water Tank India with membranes specially developed for purpose use. Please contact our sales team to inquire about storing industrial chemicals. The liner is produced using high frequency welding machines to ensure a perfect weld and water tightness. Standard Water Tank India liner is UV protected and prevents aquatic organisms such as mould, fungi etc. to form in our tanks. All Water Tank India systems come with a standard level meter placed outside the tank. Digital and manual pulley type level meters are available as optional accessories upon request.

Prime Applications

Galvanised tanks are an economical way of storing liquids and are primarily used for the storage of fire water, industrial liquids, potable water and wastewater applications

Storage of potable and rain water
Storage of industrial liquids
Agriculture, Farms, Plantations (Manure Storage)
Industrial Applications
General Water Supply (residential or public use)
Fish Ponds at fish-hatcheries
Schools, Hospitals, Fire Departments
Army Camps, UN Organizations and its sister agencies (UNICEF,WHO,WFP…ETC.),Military operations
Recreational/ Theme Parks, Hotels, Resorts
Mega-mall, Shopping centers
Offices, Factory Plants, Municipal Districts (theme parks, offices)
Housing Properties, Remote Working Sites


Thanks to its corrugated shell and hot dip galvanizing technology, Water Tank India is very durable both indoor and outdoor conditions
Using the latest in geomembrane technology, Water Tank India makes sure that the liquid stored inside is not contaminated
Having a modular design, Water Tank India can be shipped anywhere in the world and erected on site very easily.
Water Tank India, when produced in optional powder coated colors can easily blend into any environment
Water Tank India is designed to withstand thunderstorms and earthquakes