We supply PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PPGL Geomembrane used for water conservation, waste containments with the sole aim to provide first rate technology solutions aimed at saving environment and scarce resources.

Geo-membrane apart from providing satisfactory service for seepage control also provides viable alternatives in areas not suitable for concrete or compacted earth lining.

Pond Liners

Water Tank India fabricates liners for all sizes of large ponds & even lakes. These lining materials are extremely durable enabling projects such as a large recreational pond or lake to be lined. Withstanding extreme UV exposures, extreme weather conditions in heat and below freezing cold and other natural environmental exposures to animals, humans, allow for these large lake and pond liners from needing to be buried. Lake Liners and Large Recreational Ponds can be installed with a protective layer of Geo textile under the liner and if the liner is to be buried a protective layer of Geo textile can also be placed on top of the liner before the soil covers the lining.

A trench would be dug out around the perimeter of the pond and then the liner and the Geo textile (if needed) would be put in place with the trench then backfilled. Soil or sand can then be placed on top of the liner to give the pond its own natural look, never seeing or knowing the pond is lined underneath.

Our pond liners are guaranteed to withstand all the bad effects of nature. Pond liners help maintain the life of your pond. Pond Liners are used primarily to prevent the loss of water from storage ponds and dams.

Canal Liners

Canal Liners are a new, cost effective way to line canals compared to traditional concrete. Traditional concrete lining can cost as much as 30 times or more compared to the cost of liners. It has been reported that more than 50% of the water in India has been lost due to seepage which could be prevented by lining canals.

Canal Lining also helps water move quickly to its destination and has several advantages for agricultural applications such as cutting down irrigation time reducing erosion, weeds ,and of course, saving water.

We can custom fabricate a canal liner into manageable sizes and install them quickly. We also have customers who have installed them themselves with portable hot air welders. We provide many different products for canal lining applications.

Lake Liners

Ponds and Lakes can be very beautiful and comforting. Providing them with a quality liner to prevent leakage will help extend the life of a new or existing pond. Liner can custom fabricates your liner to the size you need. We also provide turnkey installations if needed.

Water Tank India fabricates linings of all sizes for lakes & large ponds with the company's experience and knowledge being built over many years of service. Water Pond Liners and Lake Liners are extensively used for the protection of lakes from the unnecessary elements that enter into the lakes and deteriorate the hygienic conditions of the lake. Our Company offers a wide spectrum of liners to satisfy the need and budget of the users.

Landfill Liners

Landfill liners are used as a low permeable barrier which is placed under landfill sites. The liner prevents migration of leachate and its toxic by-products into underlying aquifers or nearby rivers, preventing contamination of local water sources. Landfill cap covers can also be used to retain the gases that come off landfills and enable the gasses to be used for the conversion of electricity

Landfill liners prevent leachate and waste liquid components leaking from reservoirs and subsequently entering and contaminating ground water.

Geo-membrane can be used in recreational sites, waste pits, canals, water storage, floor coverings, plating, fuel, oil storage and containment, landfills and many other applications.


Water reservoirs for rain-water harvesting.
Pond-lining for artificial lakes and irrigation of farms.
Re-lining of new or old Concrete & RCC Tanks.
Landfill lining to protect the ground water from contamination.
Landfills capping to prevent fluid flow in the landfill, to trap and properly vent the gases generated during decomposition of organic waste and to permit efficient re-vegetation and restoration of the area.
Reservoirs for waste-water to protect the groundwater sources.
Irrigation canals as an economic alternative to concrete and compacted earth for transporting water and irrigating large areas. Also used to reduce seepage from existing deteriorated concrete linings.

Protection of lake banks for soil stabilization.
Tunnels protecting the structure against humidity and water pressure.
Earth dams for soil stabilization.
Underground insulation of chemical plants, petrol stations & roads to prevent chemicals, oil etc. from polluting the underground water in case of a leakage.
Mining for preventing contamination of the soil and underground water and permitting extraction of precious metals by heap leaching, using chemical solutions.
Tanks secondary lining for preventing pollution in case of leakage or chemical spill.
Insulation of buildings & construction projects.
Evaporation basins.
Aquaculture Water reservoirs for fish breeding.


Surface by trench anchoring method. In this method a trench is constructed around the reservoir and Liner is anchored in this trench by back filling the trench as shown in the above drawing.

The Liner is available in 2 meter width and 30 meter length as standard panel.

The above Panels are joined with the help of thermo welding machine to make the desired panel width. The welding is very strong and of good finish with 100% Seepage proof.

Large panels can be factory fabricated into panels’ upto 30 meter wide and 100 meter long to minimize the field seaming.

At Water Tank India we have an experienced and skilled team to carry out the Job of laying and fixing at site.