Zincalume Steel Tanks

Zincalume (ZA) alloys are alloys whose main constituents are zinc and aluminium.

Water Tank India Zincaluminium Steel Water Storage Tanks are manufactured from steel sheet which has been continuously coated with zinc and aluminium.

Aluminum in the coating provides barrier protection to the steel while the zinc element provides sacrificial cut edge protection. It is this double protection mechanism which accounts to produce the excellent corrosion resistance that is commonly experienced by tanks that are exposed to the harshest of atmospheric conditions.

Zincalume steel has been found to possess greater resistance to cracking and peeling.

On continuous research and development, Zincalume steel now ensures that it’s able to face up to harsh environment for extended period of time.

Water Tank India manufactures tanks in cylindrical shape with different capacity from 10,000 litres to 5 million litres. The designing of tanks is in-house, highly skilled team of draftsmen and designers ensure that all kind of requirement of the customer could be satisfied.

Water Tank Indiauses the latest technology and 3-D CAD packages ensuring precise, trouble free design.

Benefits of Zincaluminium Steel Tanks

High Grade Reinforced PVC Liner from Serge Ferrari France origin and Low & Bonar Germany origin.

Using a liner ensures there is no contact between the steel structure and the stored water. (no use of silicones or sealants is required). Water Tank India tanks contain a fully welded one piece liner (like a giant bag) no sealing is required.Tank liner is designed to move with any flexing of the tank wall.

Flexible steel wall with a unique and strong corrugated profile. The internal liner and tank shell can move independently of each other.

Modular, kit form structure. Easy to lift and handle. Can be installed on building roof tops and on project sites where space is restricted.

Tanks can be shipped or transported almost anywhere. Each tank knocks down to only 1% of its fully assembled size, allowing us to pack between 15-25 units into a sea container. Tanks can be transported by sea, rail or air if required.

Completely modular knock down design. All components are of consistent quality as they are produced in a controlled factory environment and checked prior to dispatch (in accordance with ISO 9001)

Water Tank India kit form tanks are demountable and can be relocated to a new location if required.

Full range of factory pre-coated colors is available. Tanks can also be painted if desired.

Low cost for high quality product that is built to last. Installation is simple and fast and tanks can be filled immediately upon completion of construction.

Structural load is very less.

Flexibility to meet almost any design requirement.


Raw and Soft Water Storage
Fire Water Storage
DM Water Storage
Effluent and Sewage Treatment Water Storage
Rain Water Harvesting
Treated Water Storage
Heavy Fuel Oil and Diesel Storage
Domestic Water Storage
Drinking Water Storage NSF61 / ANS 4020 Approved liner
Aquaculture Farm Tanks – (RAS, Biofloc, conventional fish farming)