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Low & Bonar is a global leader in high-performance materials with customers in more than 60 countries and manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, the Middle East and China. They design and manufacture components that increase the value of our customers’ products and improve their performance.

They achieve this with a wide range of polymers and our proprietary production technologies, resulting in high-quality yarns, fibres, industrial textiles and coated fabrics as well as composite materials. Their materials contribute to a more sustainable world and greater quality of life.

They make construction sites safer, reduce the ecological footprint, lower the total cost of ownership, help waste be disposed of safely, keep the air and water clean, increase grain production and create attractive work and recreational areas.


The VALMEX® product line

In 1837, the company’s founder Valentin Mehler never would have dreamt that his name would one day parent the world’s most well-known brand of coated technical textiles in the premium segment. Unmistakable quality products, the latest generation of which is primarily used in textile architecture and other high-end specialist applications, have been produced under this brand since 1938.Thus tradition and modernity are in perfect unison during the continuous developmental work at the company.

VALMEX® enviro pro 7610 convinces through its absolute water-tightness, high material resistance and durability.

The special equipment permits the storage of cold water for subsequent consumption as potable water.

The prerequisite for this is correct handling.

We therefore recommend flushing out the finished containers at least twice with clear water, without the addition of a cleaning agent, prior to filling with drinking water.

Technical datasheet No.:

Type of coating and finish

Type of coating PVC
Finish both sides unlacquered
Burning behaviour ISO 3795 <100 mm/min.
Total weight 930 g/m2 EN ISO 2286-2
Tensile strength warp/weft 4300 / 4000 N/50 mm EN ISO 1421/V1
Tear strength warp/weft 450 / 450 N DIN 53363
Adhesion 20 N/cm PA 09.03 (intern)
Cold resistance. - 30 °C EN 1876-1
High Temperature +70 °C PA 07.04 (intern)
Light fastness Note, Value >6 EN ISO 105 B02
Crack resistance no cracks 100000 x DIN 53359 A no cracks

Base fabric

Material PES DIN EN ISO 2076
Yarn count 1100 dtex DIN EN ISO 2060
Weave P 2/2 ISO 3572

Remarks drinking water compatible, tested according to AS/NZS 4020

Serge Ferrari, a world leader in flexible composite material technology, provides expertise and products to help you to design ever-innovative projects. Our lightweight, durable and recyclable solutions meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of sectors as diverse as building, industry, furniture and yachting.

Serge Ferrari India was established in 2016. The HQ is based in Delhi and a warehouse in Bhiwandi, Mumbai. We serve across South Asia and have completed many successful projects.

Reinforced PVC Liner 905 F3

Liner material for Storage solutions
Very high mechanical strength

Major advantages

A very high mechanical strength thanks to Panama base cloth
Optimum width
Excellent weldability
Exceptional dimension stability
High punching resistance, perfect long-term watertightness

Technical specifications

Yarn 2 x 11 00 dtex PES HT
Weight 900 g/m2
Width EN ISO 2286-2
Standard format length 300 cm
Tensile strength (warp/weft) ± 30 Im/± 300 Im
Tear strength (warp/weft) 400/400 daN/5 cm - EN ISO 1421
Adhesion 45/45 daN - DIN 53.363
Cold resistance/Heat resistance Varnish both sides
Flame Retardancy -30°C/+ 70°C - EN 4675
Maximum delivery time 50 mm/mn
Provided services Width reduction service
Cut length
Width/length adjustment
Special colours
Promised delivery guaranteed up to 500 Im


Yarns/ Polyster Threads tensioned/ stretched in both the directions.

YARNS / THREADS are stretched in both directions : WARP and WEFT

WARP - lengthwise or longitudinal thread

Weft - Transverse thread


Provides Excellent Protection against

UV Rays
Wear & Tear


Thin Coating where threads cross each other

LOW ELONGATION => Low Creep / deformation under Stress


Under Continuous Load of 200 Kg
Elongation of 0.8 % only
Load of 200 Kg removed
Balance Elongation of0.4 % only


Under Continuous Load of 200 Kg
Elongation of 2.5 %
Load of 200 Kg removed
Balance Elongation of 1.4 %


Precontraint ® Fabric

1.Straight Yarns

Conventional Fabric

1.Smooth Surface
2.More Flattenned Surface
3.No Uneven Surface
4.Homogeneous Surface


High Adhesion/ Weld Strength
Seamless/ Jointless Weld
Superior Aesthetics of Welded Fabric


1.ISO 9001 et 14001 Certification

2.On-line Control

3.«In Lab» Control: mechanical tests + fire